Our Services

Within NewSpaceCo we have a genuine enthusiasm and passion for the space industry, partnering with some of the brightest minds who want to make a difference and change the space industry forever. In order to achieve the excelence in our services we ensure our engineers are fully prepared by providing them with our own company know how in form of trainings, personal technical advising and a professional career development.

Electrical & Functional

Electrical and functional test planning and development for different space platform and  instrument elements are one of the main specialities of NewSpaceCo. Verfication of instrument actuators, filter wheel systems, power distribution and conditioning, thermal control and different comunication protocols used in space such as MIL-1553, SpaceWire, CAN or UART. We also have expertise in embedded SW and its integration (HW/SW integration plans)

Environmental & EMC

We prepare ECSS/MIL-STD based environmental and EMC test plans and procedures (thermal, thermal vacum, Vibration&Shock, conducted and radiated EMC tests…) to carry on qualification and acceptance  tests campaigns of your project, taking care of the arrangement of the test facility that better suits your project needs.

Test Automation

Nowadays, we all know that fully automated test campaigns is a must to be competitive in cost and planning. In NewSpaceCo we are aware of the difficulties that may appear when the EGSE equipment is implemented by different contractors. This is a general problem spread in all space projects around the world. Different architectures, different APIs, python, tcl, C++, C#,  proprietary test automation scripting languages, Each new project/EGSE is a new challenge, requiring starting from scratch the whole test sequence infraestructure.

At NewSpaceCo our bet is a simple, multiplatform and highly compatibly test automation framework running under one of the most popular scripting languages used in the world, Python. Does not matter the EGSE internal architecture, of if this architecture provides its own scripting language. We will only require a very simple API for transfering TCs/TMs. Once connected, we can take advantage of a bunch of highly reused test automation libraries for test code structure, verifications, reporting with different levels of detail, oscilloscope, DMM automatic control or binary data real time analysis tools.

We make the test automation of your project a quick and simple task.