Our Team old

Within NewSpaceCo we have a genuine enthusiasm and passion for the space industry, partnering with some of the brightest minds who want to make a difference and change the space industry forever. In order to achieve the excelence in our services we ensure our engineers are fully prepared by providing them with our own company know how in form of trainings, personal technical advising and a professional career development.

As a result NewSpaceCo achieves a big difference with other outsourcing companies that only provide generic engineering profiles that do not match to the best project, role or tasks, with low salaries, lack of motivation and lack of a professional career development.

Arturo Alonso

Aerospace Engineer from ISAE (Institute Supérieur de l’Aeronautique et de l’Espace), SUPAERO (Toulouse, France) and Telecommunications Engineer from UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), ETSIT (Madrid, Spain) with sound experience in Project Management, Systems, Tests and Process Engineering: Assembly, Integration, Verification and Test (AIVT), participating in all the phases of the development cycle of a Space Project, from specifications (Phase A/B: BB, STM, EM…) to client qualification (Phase C: EQM&QM) and acceptance (Phase D: PFM&FM).

Wide knowledge of Space Systems (Payloads, Platforms, Communications, HW/SW, Mechatronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Thermal and Optical Systems, AOCS and Propulsion) as well as xGSEs, Product Assurance, Mission Analysis, Operations and Orbital Dynamics aspects.

Companies: Thales Alenia Space (Zürich, Switzerland), Airbus Defence and Space, INTA (National Institute for Aerospace Technology), CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) and CNES/CSG (French Space Agency/European Spaceport).

Projects: RMUs (Meteosat Third Generation (MTG), MetOp Second generation (MOS) and SENTINEL-6 spacecrafts (S-6)), MEDA (Mars 2020 rover), MXGS (ASIM mission on ISS), UVAS (SEOSAT platform) and 4th Radar in CSG.

Mario García

Telecom engineer from UAH (Universidad de Alcalá), awarded with Number I and Spanish National prizes, he started his career in space as ground segment engineer working in the integration and validation of satellite operation systems for telecom satellites with customers around the globe. After a brief period in the SatCom business as pre-sales engineer, he participated in the validation of the onboard SW of the European Data Relay System C satellite (EDRS-C).

AIT Manager role for the last 4 years , leading all AIT aspects of space electronic units and systems lifecycle (from EM to FM models) with wide knowledge in Payload Control Systems (ICUs) and Onboard Computers (OBCs), including Flight-SW and HW interfaces for instrument actuators, power distribution, thermal control and different comunication protocols. Focused on Electrical/functional validation and test automation.

Companies: GMV Aerospace And Defence, Airbus Defence and Space (Madrid, Spain) and OHB AG (Bremen, Germany)

Projects: Euclid NISP Instrument Control Unit ,  Euclid Fine Guidance Sensor Electronic Unit ,  Metop Sentinel 5 UVNS Instrument Control Subsystem ,  SMILE Payload Module Control Unit.